Not just another Roam Tutorial

There's plenty of courses out there that teach you the basics of Roam. This isn't one of them. In this course you'll learn how to read and think, backed by the power of Roam.

No Project Management

To be honest, I suck at project management, so the moment you see me selling something for that - call me out. This course is for learning and implementing Algorithms of Thought.

But Better Thinking

The goal isn't better note taking, the goal is better thinking. Good note taking practices are the way to better thinking, but not the end goal. This course will show you how to build deep knowledge from what you read, and give you algorithms for thinking better.

How do you go beyond just better note-taking and actually think better?

The reason that you and I take notes is not that we want to brag about how many notes we take and how awesome they look - we take notes to think better, build deeper knowledge and understanding of the things we care about, and use that in our life.

Doing better thinking and building deeper knowledge has been an obsession of mine for more than a decade, and it's particularly important now that I approach the end of my PhD studies.

In this course I want to teach you what I've learned along the way - about reading well and building knowledge webs, about Algorithms of Thought that help in understanding and acting better in the world.

The tool I'm using for this is Roam Research - which is more than just a note-taking app, but a bona fide tool for thought. While this course features Roam heavily, and does not teach you the basics of Roam, many of the principles I cover translate to other tools.

Below, you'll find the full curriculum - if you want to take your reading and thinking to the next level, I'd love to have you join me in this course!

-- Lukas

This course is closed for enrollment.